IEEE CIS Student Competition


Telling a Story: How your Computational Intelligence Research benefits society and Humanity

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Edition of the CIS Interactive Web Learning Systems Competition designed to encourage IEEE CIS student members to develop Web-based Applications to teach elements of fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms or any other computational intelligence (CI) topic to young people (ages 14-16) or to non-subject-specialist professionals.

The application should cover the teaching of any of the above aspects of CI. It may also be an interactive demo to solve a real life problem, such as the Knapsack Problem. Actually, this problem has very important "real-life" applications, as it was recently shown by the MythBusters in a recent episode on First-Person Shooters Games: so, optimizing the Knapsack problem with respect to what weapon should you carry can give you "real-life" advantage in video gaming. ☺

Other examples can be found on the IEEE Pre-College Activities Website.

The Student Competition is jointly organized by the IEEE CIS Student Activities and theĀ IEEE CIS Competitions Sub-committees.

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Keeley Crockett, Chair - IEEE CIS Student Activities Subcommittee
Professor Guilherme DeSouza ,Vice Chair - IEEE CIS Student Activities Subcommittee
Vinit Kumar Gunjan ,Member - IEEE CIS Student Activities Subcommittee